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Print & Publishing

Courses in Kolkata

If you love books or if reading is your favorite pastime, then you definitely have a successful career in print and publishing industry. You will not just get to read books but you would also get to know how a book is made from its initial stage to final print.

Print & Publishing industry is considered to be one of the biggest sectors that require professionals with the right knowledge and skills. When it comes to designing for newspapers, posters, magazines, manuals etc. A designer stays always in demand. Along with web designing, print designing is also in huge demand. This is why Arena Animation Barrackpore has brought Print & Publishing Courses to train you in graphic designing, layer designing so that you guys can make interesting and engaging artworks.

Career Options

Graphic Designer
Layout Designer

P&P Modules

  • Design and Visualtions Fundamentals
  • Typography Techniques
  • Illustrations for Print
  • Creating Artworks
  • Image Magic
  • Design for Print and Advertising
  • Media Publishing
  • Create a Print Portfolio


indesing corel draw photoshop illustrator

On completing the course, you get a Certificate in Print & Publishing Profession


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